This recipe is for salad lovers out there who dream about a hearty salad for dinner. The barley is nutty and chewy and coated with a sweet and bold Mediterranean spice mix. Combined with the salty feta, tangy pomegranate seeds and scallions, this salad brings together lots of great flavors and textures. This is also a great dish to bring to a potluck! (Adapted from Cooks Mediterranean Cooking)
Hash with poached eggs may be a traditional breakfast dish, but we love to eat this one for supper. The lamb with the middle-eastern spices along with the crispy potatoes and sautéed chard combine to create a flavorful dish. Don’t forget to top the hash with the eggs, poached until the yolk is cooked but still runny. Serve it up so that everyone gets an egg to mix into the hash. (Adapted from Cooks Illustrated Mediterranean Cookbook)
This pasta is all about simplicity. Front and center in this recipe are the nutty flavor of the pecorino romano, the bite of the black pepper along with the great chew of the spaghetti. Since there are only a few ingredients, use your favorite pasta and the most flavorful cheese you can get. (Adapted from Cooks Illustrated)

Sushi Bowl

If you are a fan of sushi, this is a great way to experience all of your favorite sushi ingredients, without all of the tricky rolling. The rice forms the base of this bowl and then you add all of those great sushi toppings, like avocado, nori and edamame. I like to use marinated tofu as the protein for this bowl, but you can also use some salmon broiled with teriyaki sauce. Top the bowl with some panko crunch, spicy mayo and some extra soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. This recipe is more of a formula than an exact recipe, so use your favorite veggies and toppings.

Yemenite Chicken Soup

This is a warm and comforting chicken soup, with a delicious Mediterranean twist. The addition of cilantro, dill and parsley as well as the Hawayij spice mix with cardamom, coriander, and turmeric turn this chicken soup into a Yemenite feast. If you like spice, try adding a teaspoon the homemade Zhug to your bowl before taking your first bite - or eat this with a side pita and zhug.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Wings

I am always in search of the best wings and these slow BBQ cooker wings are unexpectedly delicious and crispy! The cook for a number of hours in the slow cooker, which makes them incredibly tender on the inside, and then you grill them for 5 minutes on each side and when they come off, coat them in a pungent BBQ sauce. They come have tons of flavor with an amazingly crunchy exterior. Eat these at your superbowl party or any weeknight! (Adapted from America’s Test Kitchen, Slow Cooker)

Vegan BBQ Bowl with Farro

This bowl brings together some southern BBQ favorites: Coleslaw, sautéed greens, BBQ- with a twist… its vegan! Instead of BBQ beef, this recipe features BBQ tofu cubes. The base of the bowl is nutty and chewy farro, and you top it with a mix of colorful BBQ classics.
Salad Nicoise with Seared Pepper Crusted Tuna If you are looking for a light but filling dinner salad, try this salad Nicoise. In addition to having all of the regulars, like olives, tomatoes, string beans, and eggs, this version kicks it up a notch with a seared pepper crusted ahi tuna. I love to use red and green peppercorns, which have a slightly sweet taste. Make sure everyone gets a few slices of the tuna and feel free to add any additional veggies that you love!
I normally associate lasagna with summer veggies. This is a great winter version, that uses butternut squash, Kale and mushrooms along with the warm flavors of nutmeg, sage and thyme to create an earthy and filling lasagna to be enjoyed as the snow falls and summer is a distant memory.

Beef and Barley Soup

My kids love any soup with Barley and this one is a real hit in our house. The leeks, onions, carrots and celery contribute their veggie goodness, while the thyme and bay leaves add a great depth of flavor. I like to use beef bones with a good amount of meat on them, so that everyone gets to enjoy some real meat. This soup has all of the elements of a full meal: Beef, starch and veggies – so break out the big bowls and serve this soup up for dinner.