These are latkes with a twist, in this case a twist of lemon. Fried zucchini is always delicious, and this latke recipe takes zucchini and scallions and fries them up latke style. The real pop in this recipe comes from the amazing lemon zest cream, which has double lemon, in zest and juice form, as well as fresh garlic. Eat the hot and crispy zucchini fritters along with the cool and refreshing sauce.

Mini Latke Trio

These little latkes are a great Hanukah finger food for your next party. Each latke comes with its own sauce that you can put on top. Try the traditional latkes with homemade applesauce, the zucchini latkes with lemon zest cream or the sweet potatoe latkes with sriracha aioli. If you make them all, have a taste test to see which ones your guests like best!