This dinner salad has a delicious mix of salty and sweet, crunchy and smooth. The salty feta and pungent pickled onions are balanced by the sweet raisins, delicata squash and balsamic dressing, while the smooth avocado contrasts with the crunchy nuts. My kids love this salad and polished off the entire tray – you never know what might happen when you serve a filling salad for dinner…!

Pickled Salmon Bites

Whenever I make this recipe, people think I have slaved in the kitchen to produce these delicious pickled salmon bites. The truth is they are delicious but, the only thing that is hard about this recipe is waiting the few days until you can dig in! Serve this as a first course with crackers or as finger food at your next party. (Adapted from Joyce Goldstein as seen in New York Times)

Cucumber Salad

This cucumber salad is easy, refreshing, and the recipe is really easy to remember: Equal parts sugar and vinegar and double part water. You can make more or less liquid depending on how many cucumbers you are using. Once the cucumbers have been eaten, you can even add new cucumbers to the liquid and after a half hour, you will have a new batch of cucumber salad for lunch the next day!

Sweet and Tangy Slaw

Who doesn’t love how Trader Joe’s has made our lives easier? When I need a quick slaw, I buy a bag of their cruciferous crunch, which has a mix of chopped brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale and red and green cabbage. I add a handful of chopped scallions for some bite and a handful of craisins for some sweetness. Toss it with my sweet and sour vinagrette and you have a healthy and easy slaw in less than 5 minutes.