Easy (and Healthy) Rice Pudding

When I made this last night, I told my kids: “this tastes like home!” I grew up eating rice pudding that my mom made. This version is a super simple and lighter version, where what you taste is the creamy and nutty rice along with the sweetness of the milk and a little vanilla. There are only a few ingredients here, so make it with your pantry staples. It is pure comfort food. I love to eat this warm, right after it is cooked, but it tastes great the next day as well.

Michelle’s Hanukah Cookies

For the past many years, my kids make these cookies with their nanny, Michelle. They are both delicious and a great Hanukah activity for kids. Have the kids decorate the cookies and enjoy the delicious cookies and the mess! (Adapted from Good Housekeeping)

Sweet Noodle (Lokshen) Kugel

This is a great sweet treat for the Jewish food lovers out there. This version of lokshen kugel combines a sweet and cinnamon-y custard with raisins and noodles that bake up together for a cheesey and chewy bite. Even though it tastes like dessert, this is traditionally served as a main course – so enjoy! If you want to get in your greens, try serving this alongside my salad of mixed greens with roasted pears and spiced nuts.