Grilling a Thanksgiving Turkey? You heard me right… This has become our annual Thanksgiving tradition, as untraditional as it is. Not only does grilling a turkey take half the time as roasting it in the oven, but the smoky flavor is a nice break from the traditional roasted bird. If you’re up for something new, give this preparation a try.

Spanish Omelet

I remember making Spanish Omelets as a kid – in fact, I think this is one of the first full dishes I really learned how to make on my own. The great thing about this is that there is not one formula for making this omelet, so it’s a great last minute meal when you have nothing but the basics in your pantry and fridge. In my version, you just fill it with your favorite sautéed vegetables and cheese, top it with a simple tomato sauce and you have an easy and delicious dinner on the table in minutes. Keep this recipe in mind for the day before Thanksgiving, when in the midst of all the preparation chaos, there are still hungry little people that want to be fed….

Cauliflower with Curried Yogurt

Cauliflower and Yogurt is a heavenly combination, and the presentation of this dish on a platter is also an eye catcher. The added sweetness and crunch from the golden raisins and pistachios is an unexpected surprise. My daughter has been known to lick the platter clean, making sure to get every last drop of the curry spiced yogurt. If you’ve never had this combination, give it a try!

Tortilla Soup

Its always fun to have Soup for Dinner, and you get away with bringing out one pot to the table and you’re done. This is a hearty soup that covers all the bases in one dish - veggies, starch and protein – making it a full dinner meal. Make sure to place a variety of toppings in bowls for everyone to choose from – that’s the best part!