Have you ever had a super thin and crispy boneless chicken breast? This is the one to try. The key to this dish is twofold: pounding the chicken breast thin and the bright lemon and caper sauce that your pour over the top. Serve this with your favorite risotto and tasteguru’s arugala and fennel salad.

Corn and Calabaza Squash Soup

This is the season for winter squash! This soup makes a great starter for a Thanksgiving feast or any fall/winter meal. Instead of a sweet tasting winter squash soup, this soup uses coconut milk and cilantro along with corn, to create a unique Thai-inspired winter squash soup. Surprise your dinner guests with this unexpected fall soup at your next dinner!

Arugala, Fennel and Orange Salad

This bright and citrus-y salad is perfect for the winter when oranges and lemons are in season. The combination or Arugala, fennel and orange is a classic for a reason. Along with the lemony vinaigrette and the peppery arugula, this salad may just become a winter staple in your home.

Salmon Burgers

In my house growing up, salmon burgers (or croquettes as we called them in the 80’s) were made from cans of salmon mixed with some eggs, breadcrumbs and maybe a little something green or crunchy if we were lucky. Easy, but it was never my favorite dinner. When I came across this method for making salmon burgers in an issue of Cooking Light, I knew it would be a hit. Instead of canned salmon, this recipe uses fresh salmon that is par-baked and them mixed with fresh and punchy flavors that are a far cry from the dull croquets of my youth. Serve with Sweet and Tangy Cruciferous Slaw on the side.