Pan Seared Salmon over Lentils

Pan seared salmon is both easy and delicious. This recipe stands out due to the delicious lemony herb butter that gets mixed into both the lentils and melted on top of the salmon. Placing the salmon on top of a bed of lentils can turn this easy weeknight meal into a company worthy meal. If you’ve never used French green lentils, with their firm and chewy texture, try them in this recipe.

Crispy Breaded Salmon Sticks

Who doesn’t like fish sticks? I know that it’s often the adults who head straight for the fish sticks when they see them on the kids table. My husband, who is definitely guilty of stealing kids fish sticks, came up with this great twist on breaded fish. The adults and kids alike will not be able to resist these crispy and moist fish sticks, made from salmon, instead of white fish. No matter how much we make, there are never any leftover!