Want an easy weeknight salmon recipe with about 4 ingredients? This pan seared salmon cooks, which cooks along with fresh lemon, rosemary and garlic, will impart flavor and be done in no time. I love to serve the fish alongside the roasted lemon slices and garlic – they are my favorite part of the dish. Serve fish with Mashed Potato salad with balsamic Vinaigrette alongside, or plate fish on top of a mound of the potatoes.

Sweet Potato Soup

This sweet potato soup is super easy to make and is a great addition to your winter comfort recipes. Who can resist sweet potatoes in general? And with a base of carmelized onions and garlic, along with the rosemary that imparts its flavor while cooking, this soup has a complex flavor that works so well with the sweet potatoes. This soup freezes very well, so make a big batch and save some for later.

Salad with Pears and Spiced Nuts

This great fall salad has that wonderful balance of sweet, salty and spicy. Pears roasted with brown sugar and spiced cashews will give your usual mixed salad greens some extra flavor flair.