Fish with Crispy Crumbs

Want an easy weeknight fish recipe? This is it. The crumbs have lots of punchy flavors, that come from the lemon zest, garlic, and sun dried tomatoes and these crisp up in the oven for a great crunch. You can make the crumbs (and double them) ahead of time and keep them in the oven, which turns this into a dinner with basically no prep.

Sea Bass over Potatoes and Leeks

This is my go-to company fish dinner, if I am having guesys on a weeknight. The creamy and buttery sea bass topped with crunchy garlic rosemary breadcrumbs is already a delicious mouthful. Plating the fish over warm potatoes, leeks and a pungent balsamic dressing pushes this dish over the top. It is rich tasting, and just filling enough for a special weeknight dinner.
Our cousin Phillip makes amazing barbeque sauces and this one will blow you away! As opposed to a traditional tomato based sauce, this one uses a combination of fresh herbs, orange zest and maple syrup to create a mouth-watering barbeque chicken that will really stand out at your next barbeque.