Hot and Sour Soup

Every time I go to a Chinese Restaurant, I order their hot and sour soup. There is something about the spicy and sour flavors along with the warm broth that makes me want it over and over again. I have played around with many versions of hot and sour soup, to try to get the flavors right without requiring exotic hard to find ingredients and hours of work, and right now, this is the one I am making most. Feel free to add additional ingredients that you love in your hot and sour soup!

Cauliflower with Curried Yogurt

Cauliflower and Yogurt is a heavenly combination, and the presentation of this dish on a platter is also an eye catcher. The added sweetness and crunch from the golden raisins and pistachios is an unexpected surprise. My daughter has been known to lick the platter clean, making sure to get every last drop of the curry spiced yogurt. If you’ve never had this combination, give it a try!

Sweet potatoes with chickpeas

There’s always drama around the vegetarian at the Thanksgiving Table: What should I make for the person who isn’t going to eat turkey? This is a great vegan dish, which features sweet potatoes (a thanksgiving staple) and is a great meatless meal any night of the week. The addition of protein with the crispy roasted chickpeas and the warm sweet potatoes drizzled with spicy tahini will have all the turkey eaters asking for a bite! (adapted from Cooking Light)

Shroomami Salad

This dinner salad is packed with superfoods, beautiful colors and bold Asian flavors. While it’s not exactly a “one-dish wonder,” it is a salad and meal in one dish. Each time I make this, people ask me to pass on the recipe, so here it is! Based on a salad from Sweetgreen restaurant, this one brings together your veggies, starch and protein in one bite, each with its own special taste. Roasted marinated tofu and mushrooms are placed alongside chewy bright green kale and wild rice, and topped with beets, spiced sunflower seeds and a miso dressing that adds a deep salty Asian flair. Bring the leftovers to work with you for lunch - unlike lettuce, kale does not wilt!