Middle Eastern Beef Kabobs

Kabobs are a great way to literally spice up the usual meatball or hamburger dinner. This recipe uses garlic, fresh parsley and mint as well as some traditional middle- eastern spices to create a warm and pungent kabob. If you don’t feel like making these on skewers, you can also turn them into sliders. Be sure to serve with the spicy parsley sauce on the side for dipping – some in my family think this is the best part! (Adapted from Giada de Laurentiis)

Beet Salad with Greens and Feta

Beets and feta have become a classic pair. What I love about this beet salad is that it uses both the beets and the greens. I love being able to use a nice bunch of beets with the tops and using them both on the same dish. While you can also make this salad without the greens, try it just once with the greens – I think you’ll like it! (Adapted from Bon Apetit)
Every once in a while I love to have a big salad for dinner. When salad is our main dish, some of the heartier eaters in my family often ask me tongue and cheek, “so, now that we’ve had our salad, what’s for dinner?” The addition of crunchy whole grain croutons and lots of feta cubes along with the many fresh veggies makes for a hearty dinner, even for the salad skeptics. This dinner salad is inspired by a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, with a few (healthy) tweaks.