Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan is both a classic and a great meal that uses the abundant end of summer eggplant. Even those who generally don’t run towards eggplant will love it covered with crunchy breadcrumbs and layered with marinara sauce and melted cheese. This version, moves away from the classic fried eggplant and uses baked and breaded eggplant slices instead, making this a healthier choice that still boasts the same depth of flavor. If you are short on time, use your favorite store bought marinara or you can make your own. (See recipe below) Serve this with a green salad and your dinner is set.
Rakkot Krumpli is Hungarian comfort food at its best. My husband jokes that Hungarian foods use the same few ingredients over and over in different ways, and this one is no exception. It brings together many of the Hungarian classics: sour cream, paprika, potatoes and eggs - all which come together in this creamy and delicious one dish meal. My mother used to make this for us as kids and now my children love eating this slightly modernized (sorry Mom) version of the original dish.