Moroccan Meatball Tagine

Tagines are great winter meals. This one has meatballs that cook in a spicy sauce, that includes all the best of middle eastern spices, like cumin and cinnamon. If you are up for a twist on a traditional meatball dinner, serve this morrocan version meatball tagine with cous cous for a deliciously different weeknight meal.

Smothered Hamburgers and Onions

This is hamburgers like you’ve never before had them – unless you are a member of my husband’s larger family, in which case, I am revealing to the public one of their family’s treasured recipes. These are hamburgers browned in a sauté pan and then slowly simmered with tons of thinly sliced, browned sweet onions. Serve these with mashed potatoes and steamed or roasted broccoli you will have a very happy family….

Meatball Minestrone Soup

When I tell my 9 year-old son that we are having meatball minestrone soup for dinner, I get a fist pump… This soup is packed with Italian spices, veggies, noodles, and of course meatballs! This is a hearty “One Pot” meal for all the various eaters in your family – big and small. I like to serve this with crusty bread. Spread some pesto on the bread for an extra treat!

Stuffed Peppers

I love a good one pot meal and this is a family favorite. My family seems to enjoy it when they each get their own stuffed pepper filled with spiced rice, meat and sauce. A bonus here is that the entire meal is cooked in a large dutch oven – and who can resist a one-pot meal? (Adapted from Jewish Soul Food)

Mom’s Spaghetti and Meatsauce

My mother made the best meat sauce. I am biased, but in this case, I have confirmation from all those who have eaten it and then turn it into their own family staple. The secret ingredient here is cinnamon –not too much that it tastes like breakfast, but just enough that it gives it a special taste. My innovation in this is that I throw all of the veggies into the food processor and grind them up to the size of ground meat. In the end, there are equal parts meat and veggies, which adds great flavor, nutrition and lightens it up. This recipe makes enough for a family dinner and then some more to freeze – which I think you’ll want to have on hand… I like to serve this with my favorite cucumber salad.