Bamiya Style Green Beans

This recipe is a favorite of mine from Zahav, Michael Salmonov’s restaurant and cookbook. Unlike most green bean recipes I make that leave them crisp and crunchy, this recipe slow cooks the beans in a spicy sauce of middle eastern flavors until the beans have broken down and take on the intense tomato and spice flavors.

Tortilla Soup

Its always fun to have Soup for Dinner, and you get away with bringing out one pot to the table and you’re done. This is a hearty soup that covers all the bases in one dish - veggies, starch and protein – making it a full dinner meal. Make sure to place a variety of toppings in bowls for everyone to choose from – that’s the best part!

Roasted Green Beans

This is a great side vegetable to add to any meal, especially when you need a pop of color. Instead of steaming the green beans, I like to broil them until they are slightly charred, which gives them a nice flavor and crunch.

Veggie Curry

Curries are great ways to enjoy whatever leftover veggies you may have laying around the house. This curry features warm spices, along with coconut milk, for a delicious and comforting early fall meal. I use potatoes, eggplant and string beans, but you can be creative and substitute other vegetables instead.