Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles

This is a simple Hungarian weeknight pasta meal. Instead of the traditional tomato based pastas that so many of us are used to, this pasta gets its flavor from the sweet carmelized onions and salty sautéed cabbage that get mixed in with the noodles. When I make this, I like to have almost equal ratio of cabbage/onions to noodles. The cabbage and onions are the best part!

Sweet Noodle (Lokshen) Kugel

This is a great sweet treat for the Jewish food lovers out there. This version of lokshen kugel combines a sweet and cinnamon-y custard with raisins and noodles that bake up together for a cheesey and chewy bite. Even though it tastes like dessert, this is traditionally served as a main course – so enjoy! If you want to get in your greens, try serving this alongside my salad of mixed greens with roasted pears and spiced nuts.

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

The Slow cooker is our best friend during ski season, and ski season has officially begun in our family. There is nothing like coming home from a long ski day, to a warm and hearty chicken noodle soup, packed with vegetables and tender chicken. This soup will be a sure hit among skiers and non-skiers alike! (Adapted from Cooks Country)

Slow Cooker Belgian Beef Stew

There is nothing like coming home from a long day of work, to the smells of beef, beer and onions simmering in the kitchen. The first time we made this crock pot beef stew, we could not believe how flavorful it was. The Chimay beer is a must for this recipe, so don’t skimp on the beer. Enjoy this stew served over buttered egg noodles and your favorite green veggie. (Adapted from Jewish Slow Cooker)