When I need a quick dinner, I often turn to a breakfast recipe. This fritata is easy to make and packed with flavor. With the smoked salmon and dill, as well as the sautéed scallions and onions it’s the best combination of bagels and lox and your favorite omellete all in one. If you don’t have a large enough sautee pan to bake this in the oven, you can make it in a 9 by 13 pyrex dish instead! To round out the meal, serve this with a green salad and my easy crispy roasted herbed potatoes.

Zucchini Soup

In the summer months, there is always zucchini around and I have found many different ways to incorporate it into our menu. This zucchini soup is refreshing, super easy to make and freezes well, so that when the fresh zucchini is no longer available, you can still enjoy it. If you’re not a fan of dill, try using a sprig of rosemary instead. (Just remember to remove the sprig before blending!) For a more robust soup, add a few chopped potatoes. Serve it chilled or warm!