Hanukah is all about the cultural battle between the Ancient Jews and Greeks, so why not serve some Greek food on Hanukah? This Spanikopita recipe is full of the usual spinach and feta, but also has lots of fresh dill and parsley to add great bright flavor. I also add some chopped broccoli which lightens up the filling a bit and add some more veggie flavor to balance out the spinach, which can otherwise be heavy. I like to make these into individual triangles, as its always to make individual sized portions that people can pick up with their hands. You can also make this in a 9 by 13 baking dish, lines with phyllo sheets on the top and bottom for a spanakopita that is more like a casserole. Both will taste delicious!

Sweet Noodle (Lokshen) Kugel

This is a great sweet treat for the Jewish food lovers out there. This version of lokshen kugel combines a sweet and cinnamon-y custard with raisins and noodles that bake up together for a cheesey and chewy bite. Even though it tastes like dessert, this is traditionally served as a main course – so enjoy! If you want to get in your greens, try serving this alongside my salad of mixed greens with roasted pears and spiced nuts.