Cauliflower rice is all the rage and I had been trying my hardest to get on the bandwagon, but hadn’t yet fallen in love with the taste, until… I stumbled upon this cooking method. This recipe was inspired by a vegan meal in a box that my sister sent me through Green Chef, a local box of the week company. This recipe mixes cauliflower rice and short grain rice, to make an earthy, cauliflower flavored risotto. It is topped with some BBQ tempeh and a delicious scallion, peanut and ginger relish. The combination is a flavor burst!

Hot and Sour Soup

Every time I go to a Chinese Restaurant, I order their hot and sour soup. There is something about the spicy and sour flavors along with the warm broth that makes me want it over and over again. I have played around with many versions of hot and sour soup, to try to get the flavors right without requiring exotic hard to find ingredients and hours of work, and right now, this is the one I am making most. Feel free to add additional ingredients that you love in your hot and sour soup!

Grilled Spiced Wings

Sunday nights in the summer tend to be our BBQ night. We’re not rushing home from work and we love to be outside, especially towards evening as it cools off. These Grilled Wings are a family favorite, with their sweet and spicy rub that crisps up on the grill. I found this great recipe watching Cooks Country, where they test out all kinds of methods and come up with the best one. These wings are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. I serve the wigs with a quick homemade vegan garlic ranch.