Moroccan Meatball Tagine

Tagines are great winter meals. This one has meatballs that cook in a spicy sauce, that includes all the best of middle eastern spices, like cumin and cinnamon. If you are up for a twist on a traditional meatball dinner, serve this morrocan version meatball tagine with cous cous for a deliciously different weeknight meal.

Philip’s Baked Beans

You may have already met our cousin Philip on this site - he is a great cook. These beans simmer with a cinnamon stick and fresh orange, and the result are baked beans like you’ve never had them before. These are a great side for any BBQ or with sausage, peppers and onions.

Easy Cranberry Sauce

I have tried everything from raw cranberry relish to Jellied Cranberry Sauce with mandarin oranges and nuts, and this cranberry sauce is the one that I always come back to. It is simple, uses real cranberries, and just a few powerful ingredients – cinnamon sticks and orange zest - to add a warm and bright flavor that complements the cranberries.