Vegan BBQ Bowl with Farro

This bowl brings together some southern BBQ favorites: Coleslaw, sautéed greens, BBQ- with a twist… its vegan! Instead of BBQ beef, this recipe features BBQ tofu cubes. The base of the bowl is nutty and chewy farro, and you top it with a mix of colorful BBQ classics.

Lemony Slaw

I love a tangy slaw with lots of lemon and crunch from the cabbage. This one hits the spot, especially eaten along with BBQ beef sandwiches. I like to use less mayo for a lighter version, and this one uses considerably less mayo than many others. If you like your slaw less crunchy let it sit for a few hours before serving.

Hungarian Cabbage and Noodles

This is a simple Hungarian weeknight pasta meal. Instead of the traditional tomato based pastas that so many of us are used to, this pasta gets its flavor from the sweet carmelized onions and salty sautéed cabbage that get mixed in with the noodles. When I make this, I like to have almost equal ratio of cabbage/onions to noodles. The cabbage and onions are the best part!

Moo Shu at Home

I remember ordering this at our local Chinese restaurant as a kid – it was so fun to spread the plum sauce over the pancakes and then add as much of the filling as I wanted to each pancake. This is a vegetarian version, which features crunchy veggies, a delicious Asian sauce and tofu or chicken, for some added protein. You can feel free to swap out the tofu for chicken or another protein. I don’t have time to make my own chineese crepes, so I use warmed tortillas, but you can also make these in lettuce cups… Let each eater shmear their tortilla with their favorite teriyaki sauce, fill with the veggie filling and roll up and enjoy!