Tortilla Soup

Its always fun to have Soup for Dinner, and you get away with bringing out one pot to the table and you’re done. This is a hearty soup that covers all the bases in one dish - veggies, starch and protein – making it a full dinner meal. Make sure to place a variety of toppings in bowls for everyone to choose from – that’s the best part!

Asian Chicken Salad

When you need a lighter dinner, try this amazingly flavorful chicken salad. It has a delicious dressing to keep the chicken moist and is packed with all kinds of bright veggies. Feel free to use any other veggies that you like to add color and crunch! (Adapted from Barefoot Contessa)

Thai Drunken Noodles

I love Thai food and making it at home is both healthier and much easier than I would have thought! This popular Thai dish gets its name from its spiciness, which legend has would cause people to drink a lot to cool down. I love spice, but not all of those in my family enjoy that. The good thing is that this is super flavorful, with or without the spice. Make this as spicy as you like, or leave out some chilis and sriracha if you want to try a more tame version.