Cauliflower rice is all the rage and I had been trying my hardest to get on the bandwagon, but hadn’t yet fallen in love with the taste, until… I stumbled upon this cooking method. This recipe was inspired by a vegan meal in a box that my sister sent me through Green Chef, a local box of the week company. This recipe mixes cauliflower rice and short grain rice, to make an earthy, cauliflower flavored risotto. It is topped with some BBQ tempeh and a delicious scallion, peanut and ginger relish. The combination is a flavor burst!

Vegan BBQ Bowl with Farro

This bowl brings together some southern BBQ favorites: Coleslaw, sautéed greens, BBQ- with a twist… its vegan! Instead of BBQ beef, this recipe features BBQ tofu cubes. The base of the bowl is nutty and chewy farro, and you top it with a mix of colorful BBQ classics.

Philip’s Baked Beans

You may have already met our cousin Philip on this site - he is a great cook. These beans simmer with a cinnamon stick and fresh orange, and the result are baked beans like you’ve never had them before. These are a great side for any BBQ or with sausage, peppers and onions.