Easy Cranberry Sauce

I have tried everything from raw cranberry relish to Jellied Cranberry Sauce with mandarin oranges and nuts, and this cranberry sauce is the one that I always come back to. It is simple, uses real cranberries, and just a few powerful ingredients – cinnamon sticks and orange zest - to add a warm and bright flavor that complements the cranberries.
There is a point each summer, when our CSA offers U-Pick days and when they let us know tomatoes are up – we are there! We pick hundreds of tomatoes and open up, what my kids call, the tomato factory. Two days later, we have close to 100 cans of Marinara sauce to use for the entire year. This is my marinara recipe, on a MUCH smaller scale…

Vegan Garlic Ranch Dressing

This is a super easy and delicious ranch dressing with a lot of kick. Serve this with my grilled spiced wings!