Easy (and Healthy) Rice Pudding

When I made this last night, I told my kids: “this tastes like home!” I grew up eating rice pudding that my mom made. This version is a super simple and lighter version, where what you taste is the creamy and nutty rice along with the sweetness of the milk and a little vanilla. There are only a few ingredients here, so make it with your pantry staples. It is pure comfort food. I love to eat this warm, right after it is cooked, but it tastes great the next day as well.

Michelle’s Hanukah Cookies

For the past many years, my kids make these cookies with their nanny, Michelle. They are both delicious and a great Hanukah activity for kids. Have the kids decorate the cookies and enjoy the delicious cookies and the mess! (Adapted from Good Housekeeping)

Baked Apples

My mother used to make baked apples for us when we were kids, when she wanted to have something for us to nosh on after school and later on, when we would come home to visit. Now, I make them for my family as a treat. These are a guilt free dessert – the only ingredients are apples, cinnamon and water! No sugar needed when you use good fresh fall apples. The best part of all is how delicious your house will smell while you are making these…

Chocolate Cobbler

I know I say I’m not a dessert person – both because it’s not my go to crave-able food and I don’t like to measure… But, every once in a while, I do bake. Even more rare, is for me to serve a dessert (that is not fruit) on a weeknight…Now that I’ve gotten all of the apologies out of the way, I had to share this recipe. I had never heard of a chocolate cobbler, but came across this one from The Pioneer Woman and it is a great and EASY throw together dessert for a special weeknight meal.

Springtime Strawberry Rhubarb

In my backyard growing up, we had this funny looking plant that used to pop up at he beginning of Spring each year, with big leaves and pretty pink stalks – rhubarb. I always know its Spring when I start to see rhubarb on the shelves. The combination of Rhubarb and Strawberries is a family favorite and special weeknight dessert, when I have time to throw it together.