Grilling a Thanksgiving Turkey? You heard me right… This has become our annual Thanksgiving tradition, as untraditional as it is. Not only does grilling a turkey take half the time as roasting it in the oven, but the smoky flavor is a nice break from the traditional roasted bird. If you’re up for something new, give this preparation a try.

Mom’s Challah Stuffing

When I was growing up, my mom didn’t only make stuffing only on Thanksgiving, we ate it on other Jewish holiday meals. What better accompaniment to brisket and saucy chicken, than a challah stuffing! The secret to this stuffing is dried apricots that lend a sweet and tangy flavor along with the parsley and vegetables. I always have extra challahs in my freezer and when my freezer needs to be emptied, this is a great recipe for making more room in there!