Spiced Indian Lentils

I love Indian food, when it is not too greasy and has authentic flavors -and these lentils meet those criteria. This great mix of traditional Indian warm spices stirred into the creamy lentils makes for a comforting meal with a twist. (Adapted from a recipe from Aarti Sequeira)

Indian Cauliflower and Potatoes

Instead of grabbing Indian takeout, try this flavorful vegetarian recipe. This recipes has all the great spices you would find in your favorite Indian restaurant, but you can whip this up in a short time and adjust the spiciness to your eaters liking. Serve this with the spicy Indian Lentils, for a well rounded meal!

Veggie Curry

Curries are great ways to enjoy whatever leftover veggies you may have laying around the house. This curry features warm spices, along with coconut milk, for a delicious and comforting early fall meal. I use potatoes, eggplant and string beans, but you can be creative and substitute other vegetables instead.