Easy Cranberry Sauce

I have tried everything from raw cranberry relish to Jellied Cranberry Sauce with mandarin oranges and nuts, and this cranberry sauce is the one that I always come back to. It is simple, uses real cranberries, and just a few powerful ingredients – cinnamon sticks and orange zest - to add a warm and bright flavor that complements the cranberries.

Green Goddess Dip with Veggies

Sometimes, its fun for the kids (and adults) to have a platter or raw veggies with a great dip, at dinner. I love this green-goddess dip, adapted from the Barefoot Contessa, with its fresh basil, scallions and lemon. This recipe makes a good amount, so place the extra in a ball jar – you will want to dip everything in it!

Vegan Garlic Ranch Dressing

This is a super easy and delicious ranch dressing with a lot of kick. Serve this with my grilled spiced wings!